Innovative Concepts offers its clients and partners a unique opportunity to solve many problems and issues which face wealthy individuals and business owners. We all know the problems: how to provide for retirement, how to sell the business when we want to, and how to keep our very best employees from becoming our very best competition. 

We know the problems, we just don’t know what the solutions are. 

Our firm offers a unique concept called Asset Backed Insurance Lending (ABIL). ABIL is not some new unproven concept that just sounds good as a pun-friendly acronym. It is a concept that has been in use since 1966; beginning in the United Kingdom, and in 2000 was brought to the US. Innovative Concepts was the very first firm to implement this concept and has worked with clients using it for the past 18 years. 

Simply put, ABIL allows the client to solve the problems outlined above (and others) without having to impact cash flow. 

Here are few quick examples of how this works: 

We worked with a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) from CA in 2007. They were having a great year and wanted to make sure that they kept their CEO, CFO, and President in place and did not want to lose them to their competition. We instituted an ABIL plan that provided retirement for each executive, and we were able to use dormant real estate assets to provide collateral to create a fully-funded Nonqualified Benefit Plan. The company went through a very rough patch during The Great Recession, but because of the plan we put in place, was able to retain these three executives, who over the past ten years has taken this company to new highs in the marketplace. 

In 2015, we created a plan for a physician in Houston, TX who works in the emergency department in two area hospitals. He wanted to make sure that he had a retirement plan that would allow him to retire at age 67, while also protecting his three children. Up until this point, he had mainly invested in real estate in the Houston area. We were able to use dormant assets from another insurance contract to institute an ABIL Plan. When Hurricane Harvey struck the Houston area, his other retirement investments suffered greatly and will take years to recover. However, his ABIL Plan was experiencing double-digit growth as the markets recovered. The ABIL plan uses a unique tool, that grows with an upmarket, does not lose money in a down market, and locks in its growth annually. 

Interested clients who are open to innovative ideas and would like to solve these kinds of problems with minimal costs are invited to spend an hour with us and learn more. This is a unique concept and is not offered by other firms. In fact, most of the clients we work with had seen many other concepts, but they didn’t work the same, and in long run left much to be desired. The investment of an hour may save thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, while creating millions for future use. Please contact our partners at Nesmith Rogers Financial Consulting, and take advantage of this learning opportunity, to see if it is right for you.